Programme Scheduler

Each programme contains a scheduler option that allows the user to schedule the programme to generate records automatically at a set specified frequency. The records will open automatically in the Actions tab of the relevant module.

1. Enable the Scheduler

Enable the Scheduler

The scheduler is optional so to enable it you must check the box beside 'Enable Scheduler'.

2. Configure the Scheduler

Configure the Scheduler
  1. The start date of your program is the date from which the first record will be created. Select the start date of your program.
  2. The user can specify how often they wish the program to be repeated. Repetitions can occur in scheduled intervals over Days, Weeks, Months, or Years. This allows for virtually unlimited flexibility in how often the program may be repeated.
  3. The 'action notice' tells the system how many days before the due date the system should create the record and notify the responsible person. The action notice will always be less than the repeat frequency. For example; If you wanted to calibrate a weighing scale every Friday and have the record generated on a Wednesday, you would set the start date to Friday, the repeat frequency to [1] [Week], and the action notice to [2] days. If you conduct an audit monthly and would like the whole month to complete the audit record you set the start date to a date at the end of the first month and set the action notice to 30 days. This will allow the record to open 30 days in advance i.e. start of the month and you have the full month to complete the record before the next one generates.
  4. The user can choose to receive an email when the record is generated by the action notice. By selecting 'add line' they can opt to include other Safefood360° users who can then log in to view the Action notice and take necessary action from there.

3. Impact on the Plan & Actions Tab

Impact on the Plan

The Plan tab allows the user to monitor their programmes. It displays the repeat frequency of the program, the last actioned and completed date, and the date the next record is due for completion.

The Actions tab will display the date the relevant records are due to be completed by.

If you set the scheduler with a 0-day action notice the record due date will be the date the record generated on. Please refer above for more information on how to set a scheduler with an action notice.