Add an Organisation

1. Enter Organisation Details

Enter Organization Details
  1. Enter the name of the organisation.
  2. Enter your internal ID or code for this organisation if you have one.
  3. Select the type of organisation and store it in the appropriate folder.
  4. Select from your list of categories.
  5. Enter the organisation's telephone details.
  6. Enter the organisation's postal address details.
  7. If the organisation's physical address details are the same then you can click where it says: "Same as Postal Address" to copy over the details. If you have the physical address completed after saving the organisation the google map on the top right will update.
  8. Enter the details for all relevant organisation contacts.
  9. Enter an email address and a phone number for the contact person in the organisation. These contact details are used when sending out alerts to the contact person, so make sure the email is correct and the phone number has a country code included.
  10. Enter any relevant notes on the organisation.