Add a Location

Note: Location can only be used with the Receiving Inspection Module which is not part of the FSMS/SQM solutions.

Location refers to a point or area where incoming deliveries can be assigned for unloading e.g. door or bay.

1. Enter Details

Enter Site Details
  1. Enter the name of the location.
  2. Enter your internal ID or code for this location if you have one.
  3. You can categorise your locations into folders allowing you to keep multiple locations in better order.
  4. Add a description of the location.
  5. Here you can choose a category for your location if applicable.
  6. Define the status of the location i.e. currently Inactive or Active.
  7. The status of the location will appear here i.e. if there is currently no delivery assigned to the location the status is unoccupied and if it's currently in use it will say occupied.