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Manage Plant Settings

1. Manage Plant Details

  1. The user must denote a name for their plant of operations before they begin with using the software. If ever you wish to change the name of the plant you can do so through this menu.
  2. Select the sectors your plant operates in and adheres to.

2. Manage Site Date & Time Settings

  1. Change the date format to your preference. This will impact how the dates are presented throughout the software.
  2. Set the correct timezone. This will impact how time-stamps are presented throughout the software.

3. Manage FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Only enable this option if you are operating in a FDA regulated facility and you understand the implications this will have on your usage of the application.


If you do not need to adhere to FDA regulations but would like greater accountability in the software selecting this option will allow that. It ensures that any changes made to programs or records will be visible in the audit log through a PDF copy of the original.