User GuideAuditing Module TasksAdd a Site Self Assessment

Add a Site Self Assessment

1. Enter Self Assessment Details

  1. Select the date of the self assessment report.
  2. Select the main contact point for the site.
  3. Select the person who completed the self assessment report (this may or may not be the main contact).
  4. Include the position of this person within the company structure.

2. Enter Self Assessment Audit Report (Site contact to complete this stage)

Complete the questionnaire

  1. Work through the checklist and select the correct answer in the response column. Remember that there might several different rating methods being used so some self-assessments will use a simple Yes / No scale, whereas some other self-assements will have different answering options.
  2. You can add notes and comments in this column to support your answer.
  3. Sometimes you might be asked to submit a file as a part of the audit, or perhaps you want to add some supporting evidence yourself. You may do so by clicking the "Add File" link. This attachment will be associated with the particular audit check you have selected.

3. Check the Self Assessment Questionnaire (Auditor to complete this stage)

Once the site contact has completed the questionnaire you will want to check their answers and see that they have attached all the necessary documents. If necessary, you can generate nonconformances based on your findings.

In the above example the auditor chose to add a little note to the audit item and generate a nonconformance by ticking the box to the far right.

4. Enter Nonconformance Report

The nonconformance report can be used to list any nonconformances uncovered by the audit and which are due for action and follow-up.

  1. Give any notes and specifications about the nonconformance.
  2. Select the category of nonconformance - Critical, Major or Minor.
  3. List the responsible employee for investigating the nonconformance.
  4. You can provide a small report when necessary.

5. Complete Self Assessment Result

  1. Audit score will be automatically calculated based on the answers given in the self assessment and the Rating scale that has been used.
  2. Audit Result is automatically selected based on the Rating scale that has been used, but you may also manually change the result by using your discretion.
  3. Audit Rating is automatically selected based on the Rating scale that has been used, but you may also manually change the rating by using your discretion.

5.1. Summary Table

The scores, results, ratings, as wells as the number of nonconformances in each segment of the audit are displayed.

5.2. Responses Table

The number of different answers in each category in each segment of the audit are shown.

In the above table for example we can read that there were overall 2 questions that were answered "True" and only 1 question that was answered "False".

5.3. Report

  1. Enter a report to conclude the self assessment audit.