Add an Item

Items are used throughout the Safefood360° software to associate records and programs with the correct items, regardless of whether they are machinery or parts of the production facility.

Examples of Items are:

  • Production Equipment: Any equipment used in production such as ovens etc.
  • Inspection/Testing Equipment: Any instruments used in inspecting or testing such as scales or thermometers etc.
  • Utensil: A tool that is used for production.
  • Building Fabric: Parts of the production facility, such as the ceiling or the doors.
  • Hygiene Equipment: Such as soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, etc.
  • Storage Equipment: Things like shelves, pallets, or boxes.
  • Other.

1. Enter Item Details

Enter Item Details
  1. Enter the name and model of the Item.
  2. Enter an ID number or code for the item. Alternatively, you can leave this blank and the system will auto-generate a number upon saving.
  3. Enter the item serial number.
  4. Select or create a folder for the item. Use folders to group items e.g. production equipment items or glass and plastic etc.
  5. Enter the location of the item in the factory if applicable.
  6. Enter any relevant notes about this Item of equipment.

2. Enter Food Contact Item Details (If Applicable)

Enter Food Contact Item Details (if applicable)

For items that come directly into contact with the food product being manufactured, tick the Food Contact Item check box.

  1. Check Certificate Number or Historical Use depending on the basis for approval of the item for contact purposes.
  2. For items of equipment to be used for contact purposes, complete the Contamination Checklist before to using the Item.

3. Define Parts

Define Parts

If the item contains parts that might require cleaning, maintenance or replacing it is good to define them here. Later when you are creating your Cleaning Programmes or Maintenance Programmes, you can refer back to not only the Item but also its Parts.