Add an Employee

1. Enter Employee Details

Enter Employee Details
  1. Enter the employee's name.
  2. Enter the employee ID or code, if applicable. If no identifier is entered, then the system will automatically generate a number upon saving.
  3. Choose which folder the employee file will be registered under.
  4. Enter the employee's address.
  5. Enter the employee's phone number.
  6. Enter the employee's mobile phone number.
  7. Enter the employee's email address. Ensure to only add the employee's company email address.
  8. Select the employee's date of birth.
  9. Select the employee's gender from the drop-down. Choose from Male, Female, Other, or Unspecified.
  10. Select the employee's nationality.
  11. Select the employee's first language.
  12. Select the employee's second language and proficiency.
  13. Select the nature of employment - Employee or Agency. If Agency is selected, then you will be asked to select the agency supplier.
  14. Select the employee's date of commencement.

2. Enable Periodic Review Scheduler

Enable Review Schedule

If you wish to review your employee on a scheduled basis you can set that here. An employee review record will open in the Management Review Module.

1. Set the start date which is the date you want the record to first open on.

2. Set the frequency at which you want records to automatically generate on e.g. 1 Year.

3. Set an action notice e.g. 6 days, if you want the review record to open in advance of the date set.

4. Tick Send Email Notification to add users who should be notified when the review record opens.

3. Enter Education & Training Details

Enter Education & Training Details
  1. Enter the title of the education or training.
  2. Enter the institution.
  3. Select the year the award was obtained.
  4. Enter the details of the award obtained.
  5. Select the result from the available options.

4. Enter Employment History

Enter Employment History
  1. Enter the position held at previous employments.
  2. Enter the company or organisation.
  3. Select the start date of employment.
  4. Select the finish date of employment.

5. Enter Job Details

Enter Job Details
  1. Enter the employee's position.
  2. Select the person the employee will be reporting to.
  3. List each of the employee's job descriptions.
  4. In each case indicate if the employee has signed this part of the job description.

6. Define Training Plan

Define Training Plan
  1. Indicate whether the employee will be engaged in these activities to determine risk profile.
  2. Indicate what language supports the employee will require if any.
  3. Indicate what literacy supports the employee will require if any.
  4. Select the training programs the employee will need to participate in and the target date. This will form the training plan in the training module.
  5. Add any notes or observations made in summary.