- Add Study Details

1. Enter Study Details

  1. Enter the name of your Food Safety plan (i.e the name of the product or process being studied). This can be one specific product or process or multiple may be grouped under a generic study as long as the product and process are similar and all hazards are addressed.
  2. This field contains the scope of the Food Safety study including the products covered and where the study starts and finishes. Include as much detail as is necessary for an auditor or customer to understand the scope.
  3. Any relevant summary notes may be placed in this field.
  4. Select the appropriate Risk Assessment Model of choice. This model will be used in the hazard analysis to determine the risk level of the hazard. You can either use the standard risk assessment models provided or build your own.
  5. Select the appropriate Decision Tree Model of choice. This model will be used as part of your hazard analysis and it is used to determine whether the process step should be considered a CCP or some other kind of control point. You can either choose a decision tree from our library of provided decision tree models or build your own.
  6. Enabling periodic review is automatically deactivated. Should you wish to review your Food Safety plan on a scheduled basis you can set that here. See article on programme scheduling for further information.
  7. Select the users required to approve the HACCP Plan.

2. Define the Food Safety Team

  1. Select your Food Safety team members and their functions.
  2. If you have any external expert assistance you can enter the details here.

3. Enter Product Data Details

The product data section allows you to define the intrinsic and extrinsic properties of the product. This assists the team identify those attributes which make the product either safe or unsafe.

  1. Enter 'Ingredients, Composition and Recipe' details.
  2. Enter 'Origin of Ingredients' details.
  3. Enter 'Physical and Chemical Properties' details.
  4. Enter 'Treatment and Processing' details.
  5. Enter 'Packaging System' details.
  6. Enter 'Storage & Distribution Conditions' details.
  7. Enter 'Shelflife' details.
  8. Enter 'Instructions for Use' details.
  9. Enter 'Potential Misuse' details.
  10. Enter 'Intended Use & Target Consumers' details.

4. Enter Regulatory Information

  1. Enter the governing legislation relevant to the Food Safety study.
  2. Select documents which may include supporting regulations, guidance notes, reports and notifications.