User GuideMaintenance Module TasksAdd a Maintenance Program

Add a Maintenance Program

1. Enter Maintenance Program Details

  1. Enter the name of the maintenance program.
  2. Select the Item to be maintained / serviced.
  3. Is it a routine or annual service.
  4. Conduct a brief risk assessment on the program and enter your justification.
  5. Select the supervisor in charge of the maintenance.
  6. Select any relevant procedures or other documents relating to the maintenance program.

2. Enable Program Schedule

See the article on programme scheduling for further assistance.

3. Define Checklists

These two checklists separate Safefood 360° from many other maintenance management solutions. They have been designed to make sure quality and food safety are maintained throughout the maintenance process.

  1. Select the checklist that will be presented at the Prework stage of the workflow.
  2. Select the checklist that will be presented at the Verification stage of the workflow.

4. Define Maintenance Tasks and Assign Cleaning Program

  1. Define the maintenance tasks that are to be conducted.
  2. Select the responsible position for each task.
  3. To make sure post-maintenance cleaning is done properly you can associate the maintenance record with an existing cleaning program. The correct cleaning record will be generated automatically together with the maintenance record.