User GuideMaintenance Module TasksAdd a Breakdown / Service Request

Add a Breakdown / Service Request

1. Enter Breakdown / Service Request Details

  1. Select the date and time of the Breakdown / Service Request.
  2. Select the Item which has broken down and/or requires service.
  3. Enter details of the incident leading to the Breakdown / Service Request.
  4. Conduct a brief risk assessment on the issue and enter your justification.
  5. Enter details of the repair or service required.
  6. Select the person who reported the breakdown or who requested the service.
  7. Select the person responsible for conducting or overseeing the Breakdown / Service Request.
  8. Select the target date by which the repairs or service should be complete.

2. Conduct a Pre-work Risk Assessment

  1. Complete the pre-work risk assessment questionnaire, making notes as required.
  2. Enter any relevant pre-work risk assessment report details.

3. Enter Maintenance Record

  1. Enter the Start Date/Time of the Maintenance Record.
  2. Enter the End Date/Time of the Maintenance Record.
  3. Enter any details of maintenance conducted here.
  4. Select the person who completed the task.
  5. Also note any chemicals that may have been used during the maintenance work.
  6. If you record equipment downtime as part of your Maintenance Program then you can record it here.
  7. Record any parts that where used during the maintenance.

4. Conduct a Verification & Release

  1. Complete the verification & release questionnaire, making any notes as required.
  2. Enter any relevant verification & release details.
  3. By checking this box you are indicating that the item of equipment is safe for production use.

Note: Remember that if something that requires a correct action has arisen during the maintenance it can always be added to the record by selecting Actions > Add Related Records > Corrective Action.