Add a Food Safety Plan

Option 1: Create a Food Safety Plan

The user has two options when creating a Food Safety Plan. Either to create the plan from the beginning or to duplicate an existent plan and adapt it for use in a different schematic.

Blank Food Safety Plans can be created in the Food Safety Planning menu

Option 2: Duplicate an Existing Food Safety Plan

Duplicating existing plans is designed to save you lot of time. By selecting an existing Food Safety Plan which is similar to the one you wish to create, you will only need to make minor changes.

If you want to copy an existing plan you need to first open it. All approved fans are located under the 'Approved' tab. Plans that are still under construction will appear under the "Actions" tab as unfinished plans. Navigate to the correct plan and click its name. The page that is shown above will open up.

  1. Copy an existing plan you have already created in the application.

Navigating the Food Safety Plan

After generating a new Food Safety Plan you are presented with the Food Safety Planning navigation menu. This navigation menu is located on the left of the screen and is designed to ensure the user follows the correct steps and principles of food safety planning as defined by CODEX and all the major GFSI standards.

  1. Food Safety Study Details
  2. Materials
  3. Flow Diagrams
  4. Process Steps
  5. Hazard Analysis
  6. Plans