Common Form Elements

The Date Picker

You can enter dates manually or you can use the convenient Date Picker.

  1. You can scroll back and forward through the months. Try also scrolling using the mouse wheel.
  2. You can also jump straight to any month and any year.
  3. At anytime you can select 'Today' to input today's date.

The Entity Selector

The Entity selector allows you to quickly and easily find employees, products, materials, suppliers and many other entities in the system. To find your entity you can;

  1. Expand and collapse folders allows the user to scroll through the list searching for specific entities.
  2. Use the search box for instant results.
  3. You can also click 'Add New' to add a new entity to the list. This will open a new window. Make sure to select the folder first, before clicking the 'Add New' button.



You will find tables in nearly every form in the application. They behave quite similarly to Microsoft Excel.

  1. You can type directly into the cell.
  2. Click the 'Add Line' button to add more rows to the table.
  3. Click the red 'X' to remove rows from the table.

Linked Documents

In Programs you can select procedures and other documents from the document control module. These documents will then show up in the record when it is generated. To open the document simply click the document name or icon.

Required Fields

Whena save is attempted the system will check that all required information has been submitted. If  any necessary information is omitted then the incomplete fields will be highlighted in red as shown above.

Form Headers

All Programs, Records and Entities in the application will contain a header bar at the top of the screen. This header will vary considerably between different forms but it will always display the most important information starting with the number of the program, date, and name.