Data Grids

This article provides guidance on how to navigate the grids which can be found in every module in Safefood 360°. Safefood 360° is slowly rolling out new grids for the Complete, Plan & Actions tabs. This is currenlty released for the Monitoring Module. Click here for more information.

1. Accessing Records

Blue text, such as that under the name of the type of program being performed and a specific name for the program, means they can be clicked to open the record, program, or entity.

The grid can be navigated using the buttons at the base. It is possible to jump to the last page from the first page and anywhere in between using the page box.

3. Sorting

Almost all columns in the grids are sortable. Simply click the column heading to sort the grid alphabetically or alphanumerically. Each time you click the column heading it will alternate between ascending and descending order.

4. Searching

You can also search the grids by typing a keyword in the search box and hitting enter on your keyboard, or by clicking the magnifying glass beside the search box.

When you want to remove the keyword and return to the full result set you can click the 'X' button beside the search box.

5. Printing

Printing grids is very easy. Simply click the print icon which will open a new 'print-friendly' page ready to be printed.