Related Records

Safefood 360° is a fully integrated application where various modules communicate with one another. This means that information can be quickly retrieved using the 'related records’ feature.

1. Select Entity

  1. Select an entity in the application such as an Employee.

2. Access Related Records

On the entity page you will find a number of panels which you can expand to view the relevant related records.

  1. Expand and collapse the panel.
  2. Click to view record.

3. Other Related Records

There are many entities in Safefood 360° which allow access to related records as shown above. These include;

3.1. Suppliers

3.2. Customers

3.3. Items

3.4. Final Products

3.5. Ingredients & Materials

3.6. Services

3.7. Production Lines

3.8. Employees

3.9. Non-conformances

3.10. HACCP Plans

3.11. Programs

Every program in the application provides the related records facility allowing quick retrieval of any records generated from that program.