Add Related Records

Related records are supplementary amendments that are added in support of a document. Each of these can be added to a record through the 'Actions' tab and 'Add Related Record'.

1. Corrective Action

  1. The drop down menu will highlight a list of nonconformances that are already existent in the system to choose from.
  2. Enter details about the nonconformance that can be viewed when others access the record.
  3. The employees responsible for the investigation can be assigned.
  4. Assign the responsible party for conducting a review of the incident.
  5. Establish a due date by which the nonconformance should be investigated and a report established.

2. Supplier Corrective Action

Exactly the same process as an internal corrective action the Supplier Corrective Action is designed to highlight, assign, and track the progress of a Corrective Action for the needs of a supplier.

3. Nonconformance

  1. Select the nonconformance. You can choose to select a pre-existent one from the system or adding a new one that will be entered into the software and can be reused in the future.
  2. Specify which product/material/service has been affected.
  3. Select the supplier of the material or service (if required).
  4. Label the source of the nonconformance.
  5. Assign a Trace Number to the issue so that it can be tracked and monitored.
  6. Provide further information to the issue for the record.

4. Discussion

Add a discussion to the record.

The user can now assign a url to the record. If the user provides an external URL a link to it will be contained in the record.

If, however, the user assigns a URL from the software a copy of the associated record with that URL will be added to the record. This is a good way of keeping records that are related tied together in the system.