Add a Material Trace

Completing an Ingredient / Material Trace

1. Enter Traceability Details

  1. Select the date of the material trace.
  2. Select the material or ingredient being traced.
  3. Enter the batch number of the material or ingredient.
  4. Select the date of delivery.
  5. Enter the quantity of the material or ingredient and the unit (kilo, cartons, pallets, drums etc).
  6. Select the supplier of the ingredient or material.
  7. Select the durability date of the ingredient or material.
  8. Enter the final product yield from the ingredient or material.

2. Prepare Traceability Plan

The traceability plan tasks are added by default when the record is created however you are free to add, remove or change these tasks to suit the needs of your own material or ingredient trace. For each task you should set the person responsible and a deadline date/time by which the task should be completed. As each task is completed you can update the 'completed by' person and date/time.

3. Define Document Checklist and Assessment

  1. In order to conduct an effective traceability exercise you must collate a series of important documentation required for a complete and thorough material or ingredient trace. The various documents required are added by default when the record is created however you are free to add, remove or change these to suit the needs of your own trace. For each document group select whether the required documentation is present, whether it is accurate and whether it includes the necessary trace data. You can also select the person that checked the documentation.
  2. Enter a report in the end if necessary.

4. Complete Reconciliation / Mass Balance

  1. In order to reconcile the trace you should enter the quantity of ingredient or material which is currently in stock and the amount which has already been shipped in the final product. For anything else you can use the Other field and make a note in the reconciliation report as to what this relates to.
  2. Displays the total unaccounted for ingredient / material.
  3. The variance against your original ingredient or material trace quantity as determined in the first section above.
  4. Enter your reconciliation report including any relevant details.

5. Close out Traceability

  1. Select the date and time the trace commenced.
  2. Select the date and time the trace finished.
  3. Complete the close out questionnaire making a note in the report column where necessary.

6. Conduct Post Traceability Review

You should conduct a final post traceability review and enter your report here.