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Scheduled Reports

It is possible to schedule virtually all reports in the application to arrive in your email inbox at a specified time each day, week or month. This could be useful if you have a weekly management meeting where you need the same set of reports each week, for example. You can have the reports emailed to the management team prior to the meeting to save you time and hassle.

Scheduled Reporting

1. Click Report Manager

From the reports tab click the "Report Manager" link. Alternatively you can go to "Utilities" > "Reports"

2. Click "Add Program"

Enter the details of the report you wish to schedule and click email. It's that simple with Safefood 360°.

3. Configure The Report Scheduling

  1. Select which module you want the report to be about or select a custom report
  2. Select which type of report you are interested in
  3. Select which particular report you are interested in
  4. Select the time range which you want the records for
  5. Define any filtering criteria that help you narrow down the report
  6. Give your scheduled Report Program a name
  7. Define when you want the automatic scheduling to begin and how often it should repeat
  8. Define the users you want to have receiving the report
  9. Define which file type you want to receive the report in. The software supports PDF and Office formats.