Adding a Site Map

Sometimes you might need to present an auditor with a site map which shows all the glass and hard plastic items in your facility. The built-in charting tool can be used to develop all necessary site maps directly within the Safefood 360° software.

1. Draw the Site Map

The charting tool works by dragging and dropping elements to the canvas.

Tips for more effective use of the charting tool:

  1. When you drag an element from its inner side or inner corner you are able to move them around.
  2. If you bring the mouse towards the center of an element and then drag the mouse, you will be able to duplicate that first element. A thick neon green border will appear indicating that if you drag the element a duplicate will be generated. Try it out to see what happens!
  3. Right click an element to open up a context menu. Here you can define many properties such as background color, line width, etc.

2. Viewing Site Maps

To view your site maps simply log into the Glass & Plastic Control module, and navigate to the Site Maps tab.