- Add Flow Diagram

1. Add Flow Diagram

You can add as many Flow Diagrams to each Food Safety Plan as you may need.

  1. To add a flow diagram simply expand 'Flow Diagrams' on the Food Safety Plan navigation menu.
  2. Then click 'Add Flow Diagram'.

Note: You may be prompted to leave the page. When you add a flow diagram you will be taken to the drawing diagram tool,

2. Create Flow Diagram

  1. Give the flow diagram a title.
  2. Enter a description for the flow diagram.
  3. Draw your flow diagram after reading the article on the Diagram Drawing Tool.

3. Verify Flow Diagram

The same users that were previously selected to approve your Food Safety Plan are required to verify each flow diagram. They can do so by clicking the 'Verify' button underneath the Flow Diagram when they log in.

3.1. Validated Indicator

When a Flow Diagram has been validated by all required team members it will show a green tick in its name on the navigation menu.