Find a Document

There are two ways to find a document.

1. Browse the Folder List

Click to expand the folders until you find your document, just as you would on your computer.

2. Use the Search Box

Type part of the document name into the search box and press enter on the keyboard. This will filter the document list and only show those documents which match the search text in their name.

Click the small 'X' beside the search box to return to the full list.

3. Use the Reports to Filter Documents

Under the reports tab you will find multiple reports that will make it easier to filter down your documents. You may for example:

  • Get a register of all documents that are awaiting approval, have already been approved, or don't need to be approved at all.
  • Filter documents according to the person that has approved them
  • Filter documents according to the approval date
  • Print a full list of documents in the system