Live Updates

The Updates tab on your main dashboard provides a continuous feed of 20+ food industry sources from around the world including the FDA, USDA, EU Commission and local agencies. As a Quality Manager of a food business it is essential that you keep yourself up to speed with the industry landscape and that you are aware of any alerts, recalls, scientific or legislative changes which may impact your business. With the Live Updates tab we make this easy for you. We go to the trouble of collecting information from all the relevant sources and feed them straight to your dashboard where you can simply browse through the list and take the actions described below.

View Updates

Scroll through the list and click on the Description of an update that interests you. Full details of the update will then open in a new browser window.

Note that presently the feed will only show you the last 7 days of updates (updated daily) so it is important that you check in here regularly.


1. The updates can be filtered through the menu and selecting which sources you wish to view updates from and specifying a time frame under which to view updates.

Archive Update

Click the Archive button to remove the update from your feed.

Create Update Review

If a particular update will have an impact on your products or business then you should conduct a review of this update. Click the Review button and an 'Update Review' record will be created in the Management Review module. You can then choose to view the new review record or remain in the list.

Change Updates Settings

Control which updates appear in your feed. This is useful if, for example, you are operating a US facility and the EC RASFF alerts are not relevant to you. You can change your updates sources in Dashboard Settings.