Add a Category

Categories allow you to group products, materials, suppliers, and other master data with common criteria.

An example for using the category feature would be:

You purchase dehydrated milk powder from your dairy suppliers. This milk is added to several finished products including coffee products, and products containing infant formula. The composition of the milk powder from your suppliers is the same, but when used in the infant formula it must be regulated to a higher standard in order to comply with regulations. Therefore, milk powder that will be added to infant formula will be categorized in Safefood 360° to ensure that such products can be easily identified and if required additional risk assessment performed.

In this case a Safefood 360° user might create a category called "Infant Formula", and associate this milk powder that was regulated to a higher standard with the products containing "Infant Formula".

Category Selector

The Category Selector is used to associate an entity with a relevant category.

Selecting a category

Selecting a category

Navigate the drop down menu to select the relevant Category.

Note: Multiple Categories can be linked to each entity.

Create a Category

You can access the Category module by visiting: Master Data > Categories > Add Category > Category

Enter Category Details

  1. Name: Enter the name of the new Category.
  2. Folder: Choose the location you would like the category to be saved in.
  3. Description: Add a description to the category to help other users better understand when it is to be used.
  4. Save the category.