Working with Discussions

The discussions module allows you to capture and manage email discussions through Safefood 360°. This feature is extremely convenient for:

  • Sourcing missing files
  • Asking for help, clarifications, and plans
  • Informing teams

Starting a new discussion from the Discussions module

You can start a new discussion by clicking "Add Discussion" in the Discussions module.

  1. Title: Enter the subject line you wish to appear as the title of the email your recipients will receive.
  2. Description: Enter the message body you wish to send.
  3. Followers: Select recipients to follow the thread. You can add more followers later if you wish.

It is important to note that if you start the discussion from the Discussions module, you will have to manually link the thread with other records later if you want to create a connection between the discussion and some other records. The primary way to create a discussion is from the record in question itself.

Starting a new discussion from any record

The best way to start a new discussion is directly from any record within the system. Open the 'Actions' menu, select 'Add Related Record' and select the 'Discussion' option.

  1. Title: This will be the subject line of the email that people receive
  2. Description: Contains the body of the message for the discussion
  3. Followers: Select recipients to follow the thread. You can add more followers later if you wish.

Once you send this discussion, it will automatically be linked with the source record.

Examples of how to use this feature

  • Ask for the implementation / close-out plan for an open CAPA
  • Coordinate a recall exercise
  • Conduct an investigation for a complaint

Responding to discussions from your email client

Responding to discussions from your email client

The biggest benefit of discussions are that you don't need to log into the Safefood 360° program in order to respond to the threads. When you receive a message, simply click 'Reply' in your email client and send your answer as you would send any other email. Safefood 360° will pick your response up and forward it to all other participants in the thread.

Following an open discussion

If you find a discussion that you would like to get updates for, you can click the green 'Follow' button. You will receive updates from then on.

Closing discussions

It's important to close the discussion thread when the conversation is over as otherwise your module will become crowded with open discussions.

To close the discussion, simply tick the box and click "Save & Submit"

Tips and tricks

  • Attachments are allowed so feel free to send files from your email if they are relevant to the discussion.